Yunyao Hu (born in 1996, Wuxi) is a Chinese artist currently based in Dubai. Before her postgraduate course in London, she focused on traditional classic art and how to teach art in China. 


In 2020, Yunyao secured her master's degree in Fine Art from the University of The Arts London where her new art journey began. When her contemporary art courses started, China has cancelled the only child policy completely. This policy has raised a number of widespread concerns in China, especially about the question, will you expect to have another child again? As a young woman near the age of marriage and a member of the one-child policy, Yunyao started to look for the answers to that thought-provoking social question. She interviewed different mothers and learned more about physiological and psychological knowledge, she showed her findings through collage, sculpture, installation and performance by the use of gender symbols and infant products. 


Gradually, she noticed that a woman’s power is really incredible. Women have to experience and endure monthly physiological challenges, facing fertility stress, keeping the balance between family and work, fighting with gynaecological diseases and so on and so forth. And after all of these pressures and pain, women are still very much alive, they're still positive and energetic to fight for equal rights with men and be successful by showing more potential and wisdom.  


In 2020, near Yunyao’s graduation, a serious pandemic spread very fast around the world. People had no choice but to quarantine at home. It was a time for everyone to define life pursuits again. Yunyao gazed at the deeper meaning behind people and prayer. The things people are dreaming of are also destroying people from the mental side slowly. She made installations, created GIFs and paintings to record those findings.


Now, Yunyao is re-examining her significance as a historical witness to an only child in the family and a lady in a new era of science and technology. She is trying modern techniques by using CNC and laser machine. In addition, she is also experimenting with the use of cling wrap and reflective materials to create art pieces.