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Yunyao Hu (born in 1996, Wuxi) is a Chinese artist currently based in Dubai. As a Chinese woman born during The Only Child Policy in China, Yunyao focused on how much sacrifice Chinese women made for this policy and how much pain and stress Chinese women went through it. After her study in London and life in the UAE, she looked at women's life not only from physical and psychological aspects but also the society, their religion and folk beliefs. 

Yunyao’s works aim to let people and women themselves pay more attention to women’s health and empower women’s rights by using mixed media to express her ideas. She started by painting and collage, and then she tried sculpture, gifs, videos and performances. She experimented with making works with diapers, napkins and hair these very feminine symbols. But soft tissues and cling wraps are her favourite materials to express stories and her thoughts about women. Meanwhile, she re-examined her significance as a historical witness to THE ONLY CHILD POLICY by combining painting and modern techniques with CNC and laser machines. She continues her experimenting by using cling wrap and reflective materials to create art pieces.

Yunyao always gets inspiration from Taoist philosophy, traditional Chinese art and Emirati culture. After living in Dubai longer and longer, Yunyao is attracted to Emirati culture more and more, especially their traditional clothes and patterns. Yunyao’s previous works gave people a very strong hit when they saw them. Now, to be more suitable for society,  she is doing her work in a  beautiful and semiotic way.

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