Yunyao Hu (born in 1996, Wuxi) is a Chinese artist who was based in Sharjah and London but currently lives in China. She got a Master's degree in MFA Fine Art from the University of The Arts London. Her work is centralized around women and life thoughts. Chinese philosophy, especially Tao and Chinese folk beliefs inspired her a lot and supported her found the deeper meaning of public thinking by exploring the essence of people’s habits and behaviours. 


The birth of her works followed by her stream of consciousness. As a member of the only child in China, Yunyao tries to seek the meaning of a woman’s life from the only child’s eye. She started her research from the source of life, giving birth and the story behind it. At this stage, she used many symbols which represent woman and infant to make collage and installation instead of conventional painting. Meanwhile, she also experiments with performance to invite the audience to think about the meaning of the artwork in a more intuitive self-experience.


Collective unconsciousness exists everywhere. During the days Yunyao spent in London and UAE, she noticed that people still have prejudices against women of certain races and religions nowadays. Especially, Asian and Muslim women are always pointed and misunderstood by ignorant and self-righteous people. Therefore, Yunyao explored the diverse meanings of woman’s beauty via the dress code and life habits of Muslim woman. In addition, she also created a video based on an influencer’s judgement about the meaning of the way Emirati women dress up.


The ongoing pandemic rang the alarm of health. It woke people up and reminded all of us how important the meaning of health. Woman plays a significant role in the family. They always have to keep a good balance between work and family. Life stress and profane visions made them ignored many potential diseases about special parts. At this stage, Yunyao did some portraits by classic oil painting. And she often uses cling wraps which is soft but strong to express woman.