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Revolt, She Said


In 2019's Valentine's Day, I applied for "REVOLT, SHE SAID" CABARET to celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th of March.

In the beginning, I planned to show my collage work. I continued to use sanitary napkins and flowers from the early stage of my idea. The use of sanitary napkins is pretty important for a female to use not only during the period every month but also after some operations. I've decided to use fabric to replicate the soft and gentle touch of a woman's body. Noticeably, my sewing style shows the different kinds and shapes of pain a woman experiences. 

Picture after my performance

in Chelsea College of Arts

8 March2019

I  felt there's something missing in this work so that I decided to show this idea via performance. I did this performance for the Unit 1 Assessment for the first time. From this experience, I notice my costume for the performance is fine and the effect is good, but the time is too short and I have to improve my emotion management. So I told myself to fix these parts in the event performance.

Surprisingly, my performance that night was very successful. There're a lot of people like my work.I asked some audiences to join my performance at that time after I felt I wasn't representing a woman's pain from outside very well for the first time before this event. Meanwhile, I noticed that made viewers can understand more what I'm trying to say and they felt it's more interesting that they can also take apart in it. Nowadays, we can see that in a lot of successful artworks, the audience's attendance takes an important role. For example, Nam Jun Paik's work, Yoko Ono's performance and her Wish Tree, Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds, etc. I think Interactive Art will be the next most popular art form in the future.

Overall, from this event, I improved my live performance and problem-solving capabilities and research skills.


First work for this idea


First time performance for Unit 1 Assessment


A Woman's Definition of Pain

Collage 113.5X27 cm


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