What are the most people chasing?

How about women?

Those things which you are chasing are becoming walls to enclose you.


Life Immurement

installation, 2019

The Crypt Gallery, London

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research notes

and calligraphy design


 coins design

屏幕快照 2019-11-03 上午12.41.50.png
屏幕快照 2019-11-03 上午12.40.59.png
屏幕快照 2019-11-03 上午12.41.35.png
屏幕快照 2019-11-03 上午12.41.57.png

safety knot normally is used for jade,

gold, chrysophanol and some other jewellery



Love Amulet


Love as one of the important things in our life brought a different feeling to everyone. In China, people like to get a love amulet from temples or fortunetellers to help them find their true love. Artist Yunyao created a modern love amulet on her way to find out what is behind people's life wishes.


Life Dice

Sculpture, 2019

After Love Amulet, Yunyao thought deeply about our life. Except for love, there are still so many important things for us. But what are they? How do they affect humans? Yunyao found her answers after she interviewed some people. That's love, health, safety, peace and wealth. She designed these words in a more simple and clear way and made a dice by these words.


2020 Wish, 2020

Installation(Balloon, Mask)


Time Capsule 2020

installation, 2020

During the quarantine, I got inspiration from the light in the room and the trees in the garden.


Hope, photography 2020

We are in this together 

Installation, 2020

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCtV-j5GxqY


  • Materials: Mirror stickers, Moving light source, tree, leaves, new English calligraphy

  • This installation aims to let the audience get involved in the feeling of how COVID-19 affect everyone between 2020-2021. And let viewers understand that humans are all living in one community. It is very important for us to work as a team to conquer difficulties. 

After Covid, how did fresh graduates feel when they look for A job

You are the bee's knees.JPG

You are the bee's knees

Oil painting, 2021



Oil painting, 2021

cat and pots 30cmX30cm.jpeg

Cat and Pots

Oil painting, 2021

What we will face in the future?


How can I describe the sea to the kids?

Painting, 2022

The concept ‘IT ALL STARTS WITH ME’ reminds me that we are not the only ones living on this planet, but also facing all global ecological issues together. In this 90cm X 90cm work named How Can I Describe The Ocean to My Grandchildren on a canvas, I’d like to talk about the ocean and how pollution changed the way we see it.


Sea pollution is not only waste from factories or due to environmental factors which is why all of us have the responsibility to protect our ocean. Recently, I’ve come across more and more plastic cutleries, bottles, plastic bags, straws, masks and other daily use leftover waste materials floating over and under the ocean, it has become something normal on a lot of beaches where people usually hang out. Isn’t it common sense for a normal human being to clean and throw garbage after we enjoyed the food and drink? However, there are many people that have a lack of awareness when it comes to things like these. In addition, many people don’t remind each other or prevent these behaviours when they see them.


The situation of the ocean now is not looking very promising. More and more animals are getting extinct. I started to worry about how many sea creatures will still be able to survive in the future. Can my grandchildren still see these beautiful sea creatures? What if these creatures end up being something that only appears in the books later? So I chose some materials I’ve always come across in the ocean to build a sea picture for my grandchildren’s imagination when describing the ocean to them. In this acrylic painting and collage on canvas, there are plastic bag jellyfish, sprite bottle fish, mask stingrays, plastic cutleries corals and straw seaweeds. A shark is painted in the centre of this work, it is stroked by a red rope and filled with round mirrors in its belly which reflects audiences’ faces to remind all of us that we need to take the responsibility for our dear ocean.


It all starts with me! Let’s use less plastic products, stop throwing garbages in the ocean, make a move to biodegradable materials and remind each other of all the wrongdoings.