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This exhibition was cooperated by our whole class. I was a member of the coordinator team with Stef. He is a great team leader. I'm very glad that we can work together.

Stef and I, our main work was passing information, communicating and helping everybody solve problems when they had questions. And also, sometimes, there're some cracks that happened in the group and we tried to regulate their relationship. When there were different opinions in the group and they cannot fix by themselves, Stef and I went to help them.

Meanwhile, for me, I also improved a lot my communication skills and translation competence. I had to emphasize important and urgent information in the Wechat group. Because 99 percent of Chinese students are more comfortable using Wechat. And in Wechat, if there's anything someone didn't understand in English, I can directly translate everything in mandarin without disturb people who use English as the main daily language. Furthermore, when there is something Chinese students have to do but forgot, I can talk to them directly in Wechat.

In a manner of speaking, I had to manage my time very well because I also had to finish my own work for the exhibition. And due to the curation team's area planning, I had to redesign the way set up my work.

​Even we met some serious situations during that time, we still made our show successfully. 


On the other hand, from the exhibition, I found most audiences who got attracted by my work were interested in the calligraphy I designed. They felt it was interesting that those words look like Chineseare, but actually they are English. Few of them were curious about the Chinese folk believes. I was surprised that there're many people who know Tao and I-Ching. This encouraged me a lot to continue my project based on Chinese philosophy and using my own calligraphy.

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