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Internship with Dior


From 2019 summer, I started to do my internship in European Style Company, a company based in Dubai, making themes for Dior shops in all GCC countries in the middle east. It's a very precious experience. This internship helped me improved my time managing skills, communication skills, collaborative skills, problem-solving capabilities, research skills, and organization skills, etc. And, the most important thing is I had the chance to understand the meaning of the team behind the brand which is very important for artists to build their own studio.

The first-period internship was during the 2019 summer holiday. We were preparing winter season Check N Dior after Dior gave us the theme. We must follow the requests from the main Dior in France.


First, we have to check the original design documents from France. Because sometimes, there are some mistakes in the design paper. Once, we had to make a showroom in Dubai Mall,  my boss Oliver found mistakes after we made model for that showroom. I was very impressed by this. Imagining we find this problem after we start building the real thing without any test! We will not only waste a big amount of money but also we might not finish it before the deadline.


After checking and fixing mistakes in the design paper, we started to make all the things in the design by laser machine, printer, and hand. Somehow, the machine is very important for this work. Sometimes, it costs too much to print outside by other people's machines. So it more valuable to get our own machine. Time management and long-term value are very important parts of the business strategy.

Every holiday, when I had time I went to the company and every time I learned something new. My boss Oliver he is very kind. Even he is always very busy, he is willing to teach me a lot of things by himself. As a leader in the company is kind of like a coordinator in an art exhibition, communication skill is really crucial. He has to arrange works for everyone,  talking to the staff who was sent by the main Dior in France and dealing with the problem as soon as possible when it happened.


In addition, other designers also helped me a lot. I learned how to check the colors by different lights, how to use laser machines, how to make and fix designs in different applications and so on and so forth. I was so nervous before I went there because I had never tried to work with designers. But they were so friendly to me, even I have to learn and do things at the same time.

After everything is done in the workshop, Oliver talked to the staff in the mall and arranged a time to install works in the shops from midnight to the next day's early morning.

This internship is really precious to me. As a classic and luxury international designer brand, Dior pays attention to every part of its design. Before, when I went inside a shop, I only focused on the items they were selling. But now, I experienced the work which is behind the scene, it's so touching that everyone devoted themselves to the brand. I think it is the same for the artist. It is not enough for an Artist to just focus on the idea and making everything by himself. The team behind the artist is also vital. The person who is in the center of the team takes a lot of responsibilities.


Oliver was showing me and the new  theme for 2020 Spring

IMG_1132 3.JPG
IMG_1133 3.JPG

two different engravements Dior requested 


Making showroom model

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