The only child policy in China was implemented nationwide by the Chinese government in 1980, and it ended in 2016.  This policy which lasted 36 years has affected Chinese families in many ways. Artist Yunyao as a member of the only child family decided to show what she knows about this policy to the world. 

We are all lucky babies.JPG

We are all lucky babies

mirror installation

90cm x 90cm


  • The only child is the centre of the whole family. What this child wants will all be provided by the whole family. Basically, this kid lives like an emperor or empress.


  • In this work, artist Yunyao replaced lucky babies' faces in Chinese new year paintings with mirrors. So that audiences can see their own faces in the mirror. 

《达芬奇夏天里的毕加索》丙烯画 30cm X 80cm 2020年.JPG
《达芬奇夏天里的毕加索》丙烯画 30cm X 80cm 2020年.JPG

Picassos in Davinci's Summer Holliday


30cm x 80cm


A set of ordered paintings, since the orderer expected to be portrayed in Picasso's painting style, so the artist painted in Picasso style. This work depicts the artist’s teaching feeling in the summer painting course which is named by Leonardo da Vinci summer. Most kids ' parents were born during the only child policy. The way they educated their kids is really different from before. It is a good angle for us to look back at that part of history.

Let Me Chase My Own Sun.JPG

Let Me Chase My Own Sun

  • sunflowers, cling wrap, water, vase variable size 

  • This work shows the voice of the only kid in the family in China. 

My First Home Series


My First Home,2021

60cm x 90cm

Painting by acrylic and watercolour.

Collage by the baby diaper and nursing mat

There’s a very high incidence rate of Hysteromyoma in China, especially among women who only gave birth to one child. Myoma has multiple characteristics. Many women did surgeries to remove that more than two times. So normally, doctors advise patients to remove their uterus when they are not planning to have a child anymore.


Our Home

60cm x 90cm

installation, 2022


  • This work is based on the previous work My First Home with the help of a CNC machine. 

  • Reflective oval mirrors placed on each side of the ovary where the audience can see a reflection of themselves.


Pink Dream Talk

60cm x 90cm

installation, 2022


  • This work is based on the previous work Our Home. In this work, artist Yunyao tried to show her conversation with her first home in the dream.