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The only child policy in China was implemented nationwide by the Chinese government in 1980, and it ended in 2016.  This policy which lasted 36 years has affected Chinese families in many ways. Artist Yunyao as a member of the only child family decided to show what she knows about this policy to the world. 

We are all lucky babies.JPG

We are all lucky babies


90cm x 90cm

mirror installation

Yunyao got inspiration from Chinese New Year paintings, it is called Nian Hua (年画) in mandarin. Sticking Nian Hua is very important and popular for people who have Chinese folk beliefs. 


As Chinese New Year approaches, people paste different types of fresh new year paintings or pictures on the front house gate, main door and the main big wall in the living room. It is one of the Chinese New Year traditions, and it is considered to scare bad energies out and bring good luck home.


Yunyao chose cute Chinese children painting as a form, these children are called Nian Hua Wa Wa (年画娃娃)in mandarin, and they bring luck and happiness to people. In this installation work, children’s faces became mirror papers, so that audience can see their faces inside.

Let Me Chase My Own Sun.JPG

Let Me Chase My Own Sun



variable size

Installation by sunflowers, cling wrap, water, vase 

The only child gets all attention and loves from the family, but sometimes these good things can be a barrier layer to stopping this child chase his/her sunshine

《达芬奇夏天里的毕加索》丙烯画 30cm X 80cm 2020年.JPG
《达芬奇夏天里的毕加索》丙烯画 30cm X 80cm 2020年.JPG

Picassos in Davinci's Summer Holliday


30cm x 80cm


A set of ordered paintings, since the orderer expected to be portrayed in Picasso's painting style, the artist painted in Picasso style. This work depicts the artist’s teaching feeling in the summer painting course which is named after Leonardo da Vinci summer. Most kids ' parents were born during the only-child policy. The way they educated their kids is really different from before. It is a good angle for us to look back at that part of history.

My First Home Series


My First Home



60cm X 90cm

Painting by acrylic and watercolour Collage by the baby diaper and nursing mat

every breath you take.jpg

Every Breathe You Take


6.7cm x 12.7cm

Painting and Collage


Pink Dream Talk


60cm x 90cm


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