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Life thoughts during and after the pandemic

2020 Wish



Installation by mirror balloons and stainless steel balls,


Reflective materials make audiences feel they are in this artwork because this kind of material can show people who are looking at it and the surroundings. 


The word which is written on the mask is SURVIVE. It is a font which looks like traditional Chinese. New English Calligraphy to describe our desire for survival from the ongoing pandemic in 2020.


Love Amulet





Inspired by the Taoist amulet, artist Yunyao changed it into a simple and modern version which people can use on the phone as a Gif or wallpaper.


Words in this work look like traditional Chinese, however, It is written YOU WILL FIND YOUR LOVE in English.





We are in this together!


Installation by Mirror stickers, Moving light source, tree, leaves


Video link:


This installation aims to let the audience get involved in the feeling of how COVID-19 affected everyone between 2020-2021. Every leaf represents one person, when the light comes, when the heat comes, when the sandstorm comes, none of us can escape. The big mirror circle is a symbol of our planet, artist Yunyao recorded how this work changed nature as time goes by.


Yunyao hopes viewers can understand that we, humans are all living on the same earth. We have to protect our earth together, we should work as a team to conquer difficulties together if we all want to survive!


December, 2020 

July, 2020

May, 2021 

图片 1.jpg

calligraphy design


safety knot normally is used for jade,

gold, chrysophanol and some other jewellery

屏幕快照 2019-11-03 上午12.41.50.png
屏幕快照 2019-11-03 上午12.40.59.png
屏幕快照 2019-11-03 上午12.41.35.png
屏幕快照 2019-11-03 上午12.41.57.png

 coins designed by Adobe Illustration

Life Immurement




The Crypt Gallery, London

Yunyao got inspiration from the five emperor coins which are used in Feng Shui. These coins are normally used to keep the house safe, protect the person who wears it, attract wealth luck and so on and so forth. People believe the yang energy on these coins is very strong because these coins were used for trading in the good periods of the Qing dynasty. The reason to choose these five specific emperors is that they were the top five among all the country rulers during the Qing dynasty.


Artist replaced emperors' names with five things which people always desire. On the one side, these things are really great, but on the other side, these things are also the reason that makes people stressed, anxious and upset. So after Yunyao saw the exhibition place, she decided to make this work to show that those things you are chasing can also become walls to enclose you. 

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