In China, sex education is always ignored by people because of the conservative culture. When kids ask their parents about how they come to this world, parents or people around them will joke that they were found near a garbage bin or on a boat.  So artist Yunyao was so curious about delivering kids when China cancelled the only one-child policy.   


母与子  40 X 50cm 2020年.JPG

Potential Connections

collage and painting on canvas board,

40cm x 50cm, 2020


  • conceptual collage made by the baby diaper, a bib, gauze and a few geometric foam blocks on a canvas.

  • It shows wonderful potential connections between mother and kid by Kandinsky style painting mix collage. 

Believing the power within50cm X 60cm.JP

Believing the power within

painting and collage, 2020

Giving Birth Again?

painting and collage, 2018

20in x16in

  • Collage on canvas board, made by infant diaper, baby bib, baby socks, tissue, gauze, Arabic calligraphy and watercolour.

  • The shape of baby diapers when it’s open resembles a woman's uterus as a beginning to explore a woman's psychological journey after giving birth once.



Strength 40cmX50cm.JPG
My New Understanding of Beauty 2019 Painting, Collage .JPG


Sculpture, 2018

This sculpture is made by depicting male and female signs.

My New Understanding of Beauty


  • calendar paper, transparent plastic paper, paint marker, Arabic calligraphy

  • Artist created this work based on her residence in UAE and her research about Emirati woman’s culture, such as their life and religion.

Oil Painting, 2021

40cm X 50cm 

  • Oil painting of a woman with a love amulet and a moon in a Klein blue background canvas.

  • It depicts a woman who was treated for breast cancer.

  • This work aims to encourage women not to feel shy to talk about breast problems and to be positive when taking care of themselves more.


Roam, 2018

hair, cling wrap


Past Now Future

hair, water


In this series, the artist describes a woman's moods and thoughts through her own hair.


Early practice of A Woman's Definition of Pain


Photo of the performance: A Woman's Definition of Pain2019

A Woman's Definition of Pain

Collage, 2019

113.5X27 cm


Protection for Woman
sculpture, 2021
PU PVC, wax, fabric, acrylic, cling wrap

30cm X 20cm X 10cm

The bread buns above were used to create and express a woman’s breasts. Artist Yunyao has uniquely designed each bun to represent different nationalities and races. Dating back to history, as we all know it, women have always been fighting for their rights in many cultures and races. Due to the ongoing feminist movement and policies established for women, finally, women are given their rights and taken care of by society. Despite all of the advantages today, Yunyao also noticed some disadvantages and downsides to all of these like rules and regulations placed for women. This alone brings in a lot of stress, as we all know it, stress today is responsible for many deaths.

Yunyao decided to use cling wrap as a form of preservation. As we all know it wrapping food with cling wrap can keep our food fresh and clean, but if left alone for a long time the freshness of the food will soon deteriorate and turn mouldy. Using this she can metaphorically show that something can be good and bad, advantage and disadvantage at the same time.

*Yunyao plans to make more buns representing women from different countries after acquiring more funds.


Muslim lady symbol


Chinese lady symbol


European lady symbol


Japanese lady symbol


African lady symbol


Acrylic painting, 2021
32.5cm x 23.7cm

​After Chinese women reach 45 or above, most of them chose to take IUDs which were inside their body out. IUDs are widely used in China because of the previous ONLY CHILD POLICY. Once I saw this kind of IUD, it reminds me of a bamboo dragonfly toy.  Bamboo dragonflies can fly because of human manipulation, but they can never fly far.



Does the way we dress define who we are?
Acrylic painting, 2022
40.5cm x 51cm

Why do people judge women depending on how they dress? Do clothes change the person who are they indeed? 


Why do people care so much about what women are wearing? Why don't women have the right to wear whatever they want to wear?



Please don't touch me!
Calligraphy by Acrylic on an abaya, 2022

Please don’t touch me! 

Calligraphy by acrylic on an abaya 



I made this work after I got touched twice by the same pervert in one day when I was wearing an abaya in Dubai! Since I came to the UAE, I found out abaya is very beautiful and suitable for the weather here. In addition, I was told by some locals here that the abaya protects women and when you wear it, people respect you and keep your distance. Recently, one lady got punished and got killed because she didn’t wear a hijab In Iran.


I’m glad that it’s not a must in the UAE that women have to cover their bodies. But I know there are some families and other places in the Middle East that are still forcing the ladies in the families to dress fully. I believe people are the ones giving clothes meaning. Women are also humans, women are more important than some clothes. Women should have the right to choose what they want to wear. And women should be brave to fight for our rights even if it’s not easy to do it in a world where most people that have power are men.


I’d like to say thank you to all of you who sent me private messages to ask for and support me. Even though there are so many perverts, liars and people who are not doing their jobs properly, we should still always ask for our rights and try harder to stand for what's right. Luckily, I met the right people that stand in the name of justice and it was served. That pervert got arrested today. He is even pretending, lying and crying after court checked proof! I just wish the punishment could have been harder, if the punishment is not severe, this kind of person won’t feel anything. He will continue laughing like that day!